Where and When?
"To climb the mountain, you must first find the path"

There are two private dojos (training studios) within the Bristol area - Filton, Bristol (5 mins from the Mall) & Wickwar (near Yate) S.Glos If this is not within your area do not be afraid to contact me as we have professional instructors throughout the country. I am able to teach daytimes as well as evenings (this is not just a part time job!).

Private Tuition / Small Classes

The only Way to develop the in-depth knowledge of this style and its teachings.

National Seminars

At various times throughout the year, national seminars are held at regional centres. These are essential for experience gathering and development opportunities. They enable the student to observe, join and interact with students from different parts of the country, enjoying training with different grades and capabilities as well as learning directly from the high-grade specialist instructors about the different disciplines of the school.

Weekend Courses

These take place at our full time dedicated training centers and are run by the very highest grade instructors. Living for a weekend in the way of the warrior is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in self-growth. A whole weekend devoted entirely to study and practice, designed to enhance your weekly private lesson training.


There is nothing like the pressure of solitude and adversity for the testing of the true ability.