"I am not the way, only the way to the way"

All of the subjects taught at the B.A.M.A were developed by the schools founder - Pete Delane. Since 1979 he has relentlessly sought to remove the impediments that he believes afflict the "Martial Arts" in general, seeking to ensure that any combat art taught at the B.A.M.A is both relevant and applicable to a student of this modern era. Read below for more details.


The original of the 'combat styles' of the B.A.M.A and the personal brand of Karate developed by Pete Delane. It incorporates punches, blocks, kicks and strikes whilst developing skill, strength, power and speed in a most dynamic and advanced form of this noble martial art.

Aikido - Te

Developed by Pete Delane, Aikido-Te is a truly effective combat style that is centered on the manipulation of the opponents energy. It unleashes the latent destructive power of traps, locks, throws, holds and subjugations and is further enhanced by the inclusion of dynamic striking techniques. Aikido-Te provides the students with a street combat-ready style, which can evolve to deal with any attack / situation in modern day society, rather than adhering to concepts of defence and movement, which are no longer applicable today. Training in Aikido-Te is aimed at realistic attack scenarios and situations, and does not rely on your training partner 'making the technique work for you'.

Self Defense

Recognising, Analyzing and Counteracting the risks, hazards and life threatening dangers posed by simply living in a modern western society.


The traditional weapons of self defence (Nunchaku, Bo, Jo, Sai,Baton, Tonfa) are studied as a part of the 'combat art' disciplines. However the B.A.M.A also has a completely separate discipline for the study of swordsmanship.

Ken Kai Ryu

Developed by Pete Delane. The merged arts of unsheathing and employing the wondrous Japanese sword, not for the purpose of self defence or combat, but in pursuit of self growth and spiritual harmony.

Modern Living Zen (Philosophy)

Devoid of any religious connotation, a powerful tool box of practical techniques for 'self defence of the mind' - ready to apply in the everyday environment of modern living.

Many Western schools are devoted to the "Martial Arts" of the past holding as sacrosanct the transmission of all of the teachings and training methods of old, regardless of worthiness or applicability in the modern world. The B.A.M.A recognizes that a living history book is an invaluable mirror that captures and reflects the deep heritage of the Martial Arts and entrusts a task of such importance to the historians of those traditions, prefering for its self to adopt a more rational, effective, "real world" approach.