Kick in River
"Wisdom is not in the understanding, but in the searching"

The Bushido Academy of Martial Arts is a totally independent governing body that was founded in 1979 by experienced British Martial Artist Pete Delane.

At that time he was a regional instructor with the Za Zen Karate Association holding a 3rd Dan in Zen Shin Ryu Karate and a 5th Dan in Oriental weapons. These grades were held in addition to several "Dan" grades that he had previously been awarded by other MA political bodies (MAC, BKA, AKA) and which he has ever since his time with ZZKA, considered as "hollow" and unworthy of further mention.

Withdrawing respectfully from the ZZKA for personal reasons, yet already familiar and disenchanted with the training methods, martial philosophies, political upheavals and general direction of anything else on offer in the martial arts world of the time, he formed the B.A.M.A for the small group of loyal students that wished to continue their training with him.

The Way of the Warrior is a difficult path. It takes courage, determination and commitment. Through the teachings of this school you will discover your inner strength, loyalty, integrity and honour. The very principle by which the Samurai lived their lives.